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Liking main characters — the myth of personality. September 1, 2007

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Speaking of personality, some biatch is stealing my bit of being the crazed lolicon bisexual chick! I’m being single white female’d! Though, I’m not really single… or white, persay… The way she writes is how I speak — unfortunately being an English major, the way I write is quite different than that, and this being the internet, the only thing you see is how I write. Blast!

To be honest, she’s quite an amusing read, but it’s unnerving realizing how much my personality — at least, the immediately recognizable traits my friends in real life consider to be mine — are easily replicated by someone else, completely naturally.

Though kudos to her for being able to stomach School Days at all — I couldn’t even handle KimiNozo’s horrible male lead for more than one episode. I kept skipping his scenes in the other episodes I tried to watch before I was forced to acknowledge that it’s kind of impossible to watch a show when you dodge every scene with the main character. It’s gotta take a special kind of lady to handle 8 episodes of some dude worse than that.

Actually, all this blah blah about the startling replication of personality bring me to today’s rant.

In Hidoshi‘s recent post on Lucky Star, he points out his tendency to relate to side characters more than the main ones. One of my favorite rules when I meet people — hmm perhaps I should back track to explain myself.

I have a few rules that determine how I feel about someone’s existence. Not a whole lot, and many of them are silly. Stuff like, if someone thinks Firefly is an awesome show, I form a better opinion of them. Hell, if they have even managed to hear of Firefly I form a better opinion of them. However, if they have heard of Firefly, have watched it, and don’t like it, my opinion of them is a bit less than it was previously. Stuff like that. (more…)


A short pause to rant about a few things June 26, 2007

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Because goddammit I’m getting so sick of seeing this crap all over the anime blogging community. Long ass post ahead!

== If I see one more person refer to an anime as being “moe” as if it was a goddamn genre, I will start stabbing people’s eyes out
in a bloody trail across the planet until I reach the origin of stupidity and then slice off their fingers and tongue so they can’t fucking communicate such retardation anymore. This trend seemed to pretty much begin with Lucky Star (which is my second rant, but I’ll get to that in a moment), and the internet penis battle over who watched less of the show before deciding it was absolute crap. “I turned it off after 6 minutes!” “…Well I turned it off after a two minutes!” “I got you all beat! I didn’t watch the show at all and I’m still going to rant about how crap it is!” Then came the page long rants about how ‘moe’ is ruining the industry, and ‘moe shows’ (whatever the fuck that means) are an abomination of the anime industry, and other such crap. Can I just have a moment to say how utterly retarded this is?