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Gender in anime: The unloved, or, how I learned to trust fandom and love tsundere. September 10, 2007

Posted by bettynoire in ABC, anime, code geass, community, miscellaneous, zero no tsukaima.

Though I actually planned on participating on time with everyone else, I’m ending up posting much later all by myself. >.> It’s enough to make a girl sing Celine Dion (not really).

I should probably also mention that I’ve joined Owen’s blogging experiment crew, mostly because automatic blogging fodder + intelligent and occasionally humorous discussion = awesome. Yeah yeah, tail between my legs for ranting about the first try a few posts ago yadda yadda whatever it seemed like a good idea at the time. Foot, I’d like you to meet mouth. Oh, I’m sorry, you’ve already met? Well, saves me the introduction, anyway.

Moving right along, thanks to some accidental linkage/reccing I felt compelled to actually put some of my own thoughts up here on the newest ABC topic — gender in anime. Other posters on this topic are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I have an issue with talking about gender, so, although I had plenty of ideas when it was mentioned as an effort to come up with the new group topic, I had an issue with actually picking something to write about. I think what best illustrates my stance on gender (though not without explaining) is that when my Literary Analysis professor asked the class whether anyone in the class was a feminist, I was the only one who didn’t raise their hand.

Let’s clear something up real quick here, I am all for women having the same rights as men, yadda yadda. I am NOT, however, for the concept of “feminism”, persay. I don’t believe that the concept of femaleness or maleness, outside of a purely procreational/physical basis, should be considered relevant to a person’s worthiness for a certain task. When looking for a person who is good at baseball, and presented with a skinny pale dude and a sporty girl, I will likely pick the girl because she knows the damn sport. All things devided on an idividual personal basis. Gender is irrelevant unless the topic at hand involves sex organs (and even then half the time it shouldn’t matter). Terms like feminism piss me off, because I’m not for women any more than I am for men, pardoning the fact that women are just plain nicer to look at. Gender, in my opinion, should be irrelevant. And I refuse to call myself a feminist because, to me, even acknowledging that term as acceptable for the movement is self-defeating.

Of course, gender is not irrelevant, and probably never will be, unless everyone in the world acknowledges that they are at least a little bisexual. But enough about my personal idea of Utopia.

The problem, when I was considering a topic, was that gender is something I consider to be largely irrelevant, and therefore no matter how interesting the topic I thought of, the more I just kept thinking — so what? However, upon reading my fellow bloggers posts I found myself a bit inspired. Though I may find gender itself largely irrelevant, I do find porn to be relevant. I mean, wait, start over. I do find personal tastes in character love relevant. (more…)