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Wading through troubled water August 21, 2007

Posted by bettynoire in anime, community, ranting.

Man, it seems the anime blogging sphere is rife with quitters as the summer season winds down.

Teasing aside, there has been a rise in the amount of people mumbling about “taking a break” and “hiatus“, seemingly having lost the flames of passion they once had for the medium. Or whatever. Situations like this tempt relationship metaphors far too easily. Or drugs, if that’s your preference. Is anime blogging like rock and roll — it’s all about sex or drugs, depending on how you look at it? I’d say that is a marker of our hobby, but honestly I think it’s more a marker of being human…. finding another sort of “hobby” to build a relationship with/get addicted to.

Speaking of relationships, the concept of 2D crushes was brought up recently, the question being — why is it so rare that people remain “faithful” to a single, ultimate favorite character of all time. His answer to his question sort of baffled me, because it kind of ignored the question. Ok, so it takes a particularly unshaken individual to maintain such passion for a fictional character (in essence, loving them without caring about the impossibility of being loved back) but that really doesn’t explain why that kind of personality is so rare at all. Insight into the mindset does not provide the reason for that mindset’s existence.