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Apologies to the people who commented. July 19, 2007

Posted by bettynoire in miscellaneous.

I actually didn’t know how to moderate comments or anything like that and didn’t even notice any comments were made at all until a second ago. Sorry if my incompetence came off as me ignoring your statements. I’ll get back to all of you as quickly as I can now.


Semantics, and why Anime is American. July 19, 2007

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I’ve seen a bunch of these type of posts lately, trying to define things, even more than just these two, but today was the final straw. If I were a wittier person, ala Alexander Pope or a certain Mr. Swift, I might feel compelled to write an essay on how the current use of some incredibly common term, such as “like” or “as” has been bastardized in it’s modern usage and how we should either come up with new words to replace them in their new form or solidify the old, correct definition. Because damn, language evolving and changing is such a pesky thing, especially when everyone still knows what you mean anyway.

In all honesty, the questions surrounding genre labels and terminology within mediums have always been a source of debate, in large part to the fact that people’s brains favor certain words in ways that other people don’t. Thus one person using a word to describe something may sound incredibly wrong to you, just because you wouldn’t use the same term. Now, what I mean isn’t something like, one person describes a soda as sweet and the other salty, but rather like if one person were to call the soda bubbly, and the other person to say it was carbonated, and a third to say it was effervescent. Now imagine all three of those get in a huge fight because they claim all three of those things are not an accurate description of the soda — this is what reading these blogs feels like to me. It’s semantics. Aka the most retarded argument in the world. It is, I give, a bit trickier when it comes to talking about abstract concepts or names/titles because at least with soda we all feel the same sensation that is, essentially, bubbliness, effervescence, AND carbonation. A fight wouldn’t break out over describing it that way because we all feel and experience the same thing, which is based on a physical sensation. (more…)

Oops July 16, 2007

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It seems I failed to actually finish the summer preview entries before the summer season actually started >.> The FAL season has also already started, so the point to writing them has pretty much disappeared. Sorry guys, I fail. This is why I would never actually write an anime blog on a regular basis. :-p I’m not very consistent with this sort of thing.

I’ve been reading lots of manga lately to distract myself from the lack of Kodomo no Jikan updates. Can’t be helped I suppose, when the 4th volume isn’t out yet… unless I haven’t remembered the date correctly or something. In particular I was really enjoying Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) and Doujin Work’s manga form (what little there is available anyway). Mirai Nikki could use some help with exposition but I guess I can let it go since it’s supposed to be a suspense horror/mystery type thing. Even though even in so far at that it’s exposition is still crap. The art at least is pretty, and Yuno, despite because fucking insane is still fucking awesome.

The real gem was the Doujin Work manga though. I have read the five “chapters” that have been scanslated, no joke, 5 times over. It’s just as hilarious the second time around. I went searching for it after greatly enjoying the first episode of the anime adaptation but frankly the anime and the manga are very different creatures. The humor still comes through in the anime but the manga is much dirtier in it’s brand of humor. I suppose they needed to clean it up a bit to be aired on tv, especially considering it’s a show about drawing porn manga and there’s only so much you can say about that without crossing a line. I’ll likely enjoy both quite a bit, and probably in large part because they are so different. It’s not as fun to read/see the same exact thing over again…