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Summer Anime Preview: part 2 of 3 June 26, 2007

Posted by bettynoire in anime, preview.

Apologies for putting this off for so long ^.^;; Real life has been a major obstacle lately. That and a severe need to rant before I finished this post. Considering none of these have aired yet though, I consider myself still in the clear >.>

Anyways, in the tradition of my first post, here’s yet more of the anime to watch out for in this new season. Hopefully those of you who couldn’t find anything of interest in the first post will find something here. :-p

Mushiuta: airs July 6

“Bug Song”? Japanese titles never fail to amuse me sometimes, especially when I translate them into incredibly literal and hilarious English. At the time of me writing this post, this has the least info on MAL of any of the series I’ve looked at thus far. o.o;; Basically, the anime is about alien bugs that eat peoples dreams, and for the person who got their dream gobbled, this can be either totally awesome (in the form of sweeeet super powers) or totally, incredibly lame (death is the consequence of getting your entire dream eaten, apparently). To be frank, I had an amazing lack of interest for this series until I saw these sexy fricking book covers from the light novels the series is based off of. Yes, I know the series won’t look exactly like the covers, but if at least half those female characters show up, I really won’t mind. Voice actors include Mai from Kanon (squee!), MARGERY DAW (!!!), and Kaede from both Negimas (is she gonna be a busty ninja again?) and… this sort of worries me, a male who is also slated as the lead from School Days. From all the talk about School Days crappy main dude and crappy voice acting, I’m hoping this guy has nothing even resembling a cool role. I will be very sad if the case is otherwise. Also, one last point of interest, the animation production is being run by Beat Frog, and it will apparently be their first work. The question is, are they gonna storm out of the gate or trip in the first leg? Hrmm. P.s. yuribait? I certainly hope so.

Sky Girls: airs July 6

For those of you who have seen the OVA, you pretty much know what to expect. For those of you who haven’t… you pretty much know what to expect. Girls + Mechs + Saving the world + loli fanservice… rinse, repeat as needed, sprinkle sparingly with plot. Kidding aside, I actually sort of liked the Sky Girl’s OVA, in a lowered expectations kind of way. The mech designs were kind of neat, and the girls who pilot the mechs have little tails attached to their plug suits (pardon me) leotards. The cast from the OVA is sticking around, which means OMG Horie Yui (Ayu from Kanon), Itoh Shizuka (Alice from Pumpkin Scissors, or Rei from MariMite), and Kawasumi Ayako (Saber, and more recently, Nodame) all together? I just had a seiyuu-induced nosebleed, people. Also, MELL is doing the OP. Cross your fingers for engrish. Frankly though, for most of you, this might seem a bit dull, but I’ll probably indulge in it as my guilty pleasure of the season.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: airs July 7

Once again, if you’ve seen the original you pretty much know what to expect. Blood, occaisionally nonsensical but usually chilling plotlines, resets, etc etc. Well, actually, there is going to be an anime original storyline implemented at some point annnnd Yui Horie is popping in as the oft discussed (among fans of the games) Hanyuu! Look at her cute little horns! Also, Rika and Satoko are wonderful. Mion’s pretty cool too.

Potemayo: airs July 7

This apparently doesn’t exist in the MAL database. o.o For shame! There
is a severe lack of info on this (at least, english language info — my
grasp of Japanese isn’t quite up to reading the official site’s plot
summary -_-), but from what I’ve gathered (thanks in part to hashihime‘s
blog, and pieces I remember from other sources),it’s another series
based off a 4koma manga. Potemayo is apparently abbreviated from
“Potato Mayonnaise.” Gross. Potemayo is the little pinkhaired thing in
the image, and she emerges from Sunao (wearing glasses)’s fridge one
day and becomes friends with everyone in her… his? class. Eventually
Potemayo’s rival, Guchuko eventually emerges from the fridge as well.
People apparently like the manga, and the art looks pretty cute. Rie
Kugimiya seems to have broken out of her typecasted role as a crazy
tsundere (re: Shana/Louise) as in this series she’ll be that calm
looking blue haired gal. Unless she turns out to be randomly tsundere
the like two dudes in the show — unless they’re all girls and just
some of them prefer shorts? It’s kind of hard to tell, especially since
boys aren’t necessarily even voiced by dudes >.< In any case,
some interesting voices are here, Ayako Kawasumi pops up again (<3),
as well as Miria’s voice (Claymore), and some relative unknowns that
will be working on some other shows this upcoming season as well (Rin
in Kodomo no Jikan, and Shiika from MushiUta, not to mention Eleanor/Belldandy — as mentioned in ZnT entry later this post — will be in this as well). I’m kindof glad there’s
sort of a new crop of voice actresses for this new season, it’s good to
see variety :-p

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: airs July 8

To put it shortly, this is a comedy series about a depressed man who is constantly trying to commit suicide, and a upbeat young girl who constantly saves his life. Apparently, when he hung himself, she thought he was just trying to make himself taller. I personally, find that to be a hilarious premise, but those of you who have a less absurd sense of humor might wanna shy away. There are apparently tons of cultural references, and since this is another work managed by SHAFT, I’m sure we can expect something similar to Negima?! or Pani Poni in terms of both joke delivery and animation quality. The cast list has me excited for two reasons: Goto Yuko (Mikuru!!!) and Inoue Marina (Yoko from Gurren Lagann, also Mucchi from Manabi). Cast members that I care slightly less about but are still a notable draw include: both Sae and Yoshinoya-sensei from Hidamari Sketch, Shinku and Jun from Rozen Maiden, Setsuna and Konoka from Negima?!, and Yuuta from Honey and Clover. It’s like they surfed fanfic sites and found popular pairings for animes, and stole those voice actresses for this show (Sae/Hiro, Mucchi/Mikan, Konoka/Setsuna, Shinku/Jun… Though one of those voice actors I used twice >.> Points if you figure out who!). Kind of creepy. And awesome.
Moetan: airs July 9

Apparently based off a popular series of quirky books that teach English to otakus — really, random English. To be honest, when I read the newspost for this on AnimeNation, I totally thought it was Mari-tan, and was so excited I cannot even express to you, and so of course, my reaction when I found out it wasn’t, was the exact opposite and to the same intensity. Mari-tan is basically the same idea as Moe-tan, it seems, but Mari-tan is all about vicious military insults and beating the crap out of Navy-tan and Moe-tan is about… being otaku? Honestly, I don’t actually know anything, just seeing cute little anime characters saying “fuck” and misusing various curse words is hilarious to me. So probably seeing cute little anime girls say random English not-vulgar slang will also be hilarious. At the very least it looks disgustingly cute (God knows I’ve sat through enough episodes of Bottle Fairy to prove that I can handle sickening sweetness.) Speaking of Bottle Fairy, one of it’s alumni — who was also Eureka/Nunnally — will be in the show. Only other voice that caught my eye was Mai from Kanon. Considering the cast seems to be rather small, not much to be excited about if you aren’t interested in watching cute anime girls charmingly mispronounce English nerd phrases. Which, for me, means at least watching it for an episode. >.>

Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~: airs July 9

Once again, a sequel series that will need little introduction for the people who’ve seen the original, and is pretty much pointless for the people who haven’t since they will probably want to see the original before touching this at all. Loli tsundere Shana Louise is back to bust some nuts some more, Seista is yet more adorable, and Saito is yet more… uhm. Boring? My opinions about the first show were generally pretty mixed, despite the fact that I did enjoy it. Harem, yes, is a guilty pleasure of mine when it doesn’t do much to deviate from it’s stereotypes. And that’s pretty much what this show is, with a little bit of Harry Potter magic school thrown in. However, the next season is going to have Louise’s sisters pop up, (I’m assuming Madam Pink Hair and Blondie in the pic). What weirds me out is the voice behind Belldandy, who I hear is the nicest anime chick in existence, is going to be the stern looking blonde one (Eleanor), while some relative unknown is doing the sweet looking pink haired thing (Cattleya). I guess it’s good you can’t say she was typecast, but really… o.O

Anyhow, hopefully that helps you guys, and hopefully the last post will come a bit quicker than this one did. ^.^;;



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