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A short pause to rant about a few things June 26, 2007

Posted by bettynoire in anime, azumanga daioh, community, hidamari sketch, ichigo mashimaro, lucky star, manabi straight, moe, ranting, seirei no moribito.

Because goddammit I’m getting so sick of seeing this crap all over the anime blogging community. Long ass post ahead!

== If I see one more person refer to an anime as being “moe” as if it was a goddamn genre, I will start stabbing people’s eyes out
in a bloody trail across the planet until I reach the origin of stupidity and then slice off their fingers and tongue so they can’t fucking communicate such retardation anymore. This trend seemed to pretty much begin with Lucky Star (which is my second rant, but I’ll get to that in a moment), and the internet penis battle over who watched less of the show before deciding it was absolute crap. “I turned it off after 6 minutes!” “…Well I turned it off after a two minutes!” “I got you all beat! I didn’t watch the show at all and I’m still going to rant about how crap it is!” Then came the page long rants about how ‘moe’ is ruining the industry, and ‘moe shows’ (whatever the fuck that means) are an abomination of the anime industry, and other such crap. Can I just have a moment to say how utterly retarded this is?

‘Moe’, first of all, has no specific definable traits, other than the fact that it makes someone think a show is cute/lovable/attractive in some way. Basically, it’s fanservice. Fanservice is not a fricking genre. Every genre has its own kind of fanservice, but there is no ultimate fanservice that will work on everyone in every show. Replace the word fanservice with ‘moe’ (since they are basically the same goddamn thing) and you have my issue. Nothing is more sickening than hypocrisy, and if I see one more fucking blogger rant about hating ‘moe’ shows and then declare their reason for watching a different show is ‘bishies’ or some other kind of –GUESS WHAT– ‘moe‘, I will stab them. Because people that dumb need to fricking die. And yes, strong independent women? Are moe too.

== I like Lucky Star. I’ve liked it since the beginning. But once again, there will be stabbing in the immediate future if I hear one more person rant and rave about how fricking AMAZING it is. I haven’t read a single honest post about Lucky Star since its fricking inception. There has only ever been “omg Sucky Star, lol.” and “zomg this show is so funny any one who doesn’t think it’s the best thing ever is retarded.” Lucky Star is a good show. But it is hardly the best slice of life based off a 4koma anime ever. Hidamari Sketch is a better show of the same genre. It may not have the production values, the KyoAni pedigree, or Aya Hirano (who I confess, is not only one of my favorite voice actresses, but in the process of her best role to date as Konata), but I think it has had better pacing for its jokes ever since the very first episode, something that Lucky Star couldn’t seem to manage at the start, and is still rather shaky with. Not only that, but the characters in Hidamari Sketch were all set up/introduced much better, and way easier to fall in love with than the ones in Lucky Star because of that.

I understand the need to defend the show from the extreme and immediate backlash that occurred right after it began, but honestly, Lucky Star was a show that needed to be grown into, even for a lover of slice of life shows like me. The jokes required knowing who the characters were before you could really appreciate the humor, but even so, the jokes themselves lack the proper set up so that even knowing the characters isn’t enough to let you know when you’re supposed to laugh. Lucky Star is an infinitely better watch the second time through simply because of this very reason — you actually know when to laugh because you’re familiar with the timing. The 4koma is better for the same reason — the joke is always in the fourth frame, so you know when it’s going to be funny.

== And if anyone else compares Lucky Star to Azumanga Daioh in my presence I will likely stab them in the face. The only real similarity is that both shows can be described as quirky humor. That is all. The delivery is not the same, the subject matter in Lucky Star is far less accessible to the average (aka non-otaku) person, and the tone of both shows is very different. Azumanga is weird in a way that incites laughter, Lucky Star points out its own weirdness to both laugh at itself and incite laughter. These two types of humor are not necessarily compatible within the same person sometimes. Better options for similar shows would be things like Ichigo Mashimaro, Hidamari Sketch, or Manabi Straight. The goal of Lucky Star is not to make you crack up, but to endear the audience to its characters, to incite the audience to react with the characters, not laugh at them the way that Azumanga Daioh does.

I can understand the desire to make a show you like more popular by comparing it to a show of the same genre with a larger audience (casting a wider net catches more fish and all of that rot) but the fact is audiences of shows that are closer in tone and delivery are going to result in the more receptive audience when it comes to shows dealing with humor. A mech show is always gonna have mech for everyone, but a humor show is not always going to be funny for everyone. Adapt your recommendation for the genre you are recommending, is all I ask. -_- It can only bring good things.

== Last and not least, this bit about Seirei no Moribito being boring just because Balsa isn’t beating the crap out of everyone is ridiculous. Yes, Seirei had the best fight scene I have seen, probably ever, in an animated show. But I feel like having the fight so early made people expect that fighting and action was going to happen all the time, and then when the show focused on less actiony matters, it’s like the audience suddenly shut off the ability to see those scenes as being anything other than boring, just because there wasn’t fighting. Seirei has taken a turn to expose more about the characters and the world they live in, and has become more about why the fight is necessary than about the fights themselves. Not only that but imagine if the show was just fighting all the time — fighting is awesome, but if you don’t care about the characters it’s irrelevant — and that’s without even mentioning the issues that would cause with the animation budget, which has been gorgeous so far for the entire show. Watching Balsa fight in those first few episodes, knowing what I know now, the fight is so much more intense, because I have some knowledge of how Balsa must feel. The next time a fight happens on the show, especially if a death occurs on any side, the emotional weight on the characters will be shared by the audience. Seirei is not a bad show just because it is taking the time to actually have a plot and characters, without needing to use swords as immediate character development plot devices like so many other shows have. Life is not a constant battle against everyone else, life is a fight against the weaker aspects of yourself, to become who you truly want and need to become. Seirei, in my eyes, illustrates this point beautifully. Why can’t that be enough?



1. tallonkarrde23 - July 19, 2007

Moe is a genre. Thanks, please keep up to date with todays anime world, its not like books or movies where there are a set type of genres you can use and none others. With anime and manga, thanks to the very odd fans it has, there are continuous new genres coming up everywhere and becoming ‘official’. Even the anime companies refer to their own shows as ‘moe shows’ sometimes, so meh.

As for the rest, yeah i basically agree.

~I wish you a good fapping.

2. bettynoire - July 19, 2007

I don’t care if the producers or companies call them ‘moe shows’, frankly, it still annoys me. Moe/Fanservice is not a genre in my eyes, it comes as part of every package. You can’t have a genre that permeates everything in a medium — it defeats the purpose of having the genre in the first place. I suppose I’ll have to just agree to disagree with most of fandom and official sources on that point.

Glad you enjoyed the rest of my post though :)

3. Owen - July 20, 2007

“Moe is a genre” is dumb, but I’ve written enough of that to not bother digressing on it here. Nevermind how it’s ridiculous to retroactively apply it to anime that would qualify as “moe anime” before the label existed — what about defining its characteristics? I’d say moe as an aesthetic, yes. Moe as a genre can kiss my ass.

4. bettynoire - July 20, 2007

Totally agree. Retroactive application of genre’s and such has always annoyed me, but with things like “moe” it’s more like annoying squared.

5. Tallon - July 20, 2007

If people use a term in a way it becomes so, its been used as a genre and an aesthetic, so in the end both exist. I dont mean magic like “fskldf” is now a word and means tacos, but after being used enough in a community it would actually become a new word for tacos. Look at simpler society and its labels, ’emo’ ‘hardcore’ etc. They are all horribly gay and dont make any sense but are used anyway. Thats all i really meant.

Good fappingz to all.

Btw Owen, spelling Thesis wrong is also dumb, even if its on purpose (which i doubt), but meh. Point being, dont just throw out ‘its dumb’ if thats all you have to say when in all truth, im right.

6. bettynoire - July 20, 2007

Good thing I don’t generally associate with simpler society… I’d feel the need to stab people more often and might not be able to resist quite so well. :-p Anyways, I know it’s gonna be used. I’m merely maintaining my right to complain about how annoying it is when it’s over used or used in ways I don’t agree with. It’s like when people make grammar mistakes on purpose as a part of slang. It’s still irritating and wrong.

7. Owen - July 22, 2007


Claiming I made a typo is also the dumbest thing you can do when a plural form of “thesis” actually exists. Just saying. Try not to make the same mistake next time, because I’m always right.


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