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Summer Anime Preview: part 2 of 3 June 26, 2007

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Apologies for putting this off for so long ^.^;; Real life has been a major obstacle lately. That and a severe need to rant before I finished this post. Considering none of these have aired yet though, I consider myself still in the clear >.>

Anyways, in the tradition of my first post, here’s yet more of the anime to watch out for in this new season. Hopefully those of you who couldn’t find anything of interest in the first post will find something here. :-p

Mushiuta: airs July 6

“Bug Song”? Japanese titles never fail to amuse me sometimes, especially when I translate them into incredibly literal and hilarious English. At the time of me writing this post, this has the least info on MAL of any of the series I’ve looked at thus far. o.o;; Basically, the anime is about alien bugs that eat peoples dreams, and for the person who got their dream gobbled, this can be either totally awesome (in the form of sweeeet super powers) or totally, incredibly lame (death is the consequence of getting your entire dream eaten, apparently). To be frank, I had an amazing lack of interest for this series until I saw these sexy fricking book covers from the light novels the series is based off of. Yes, I know the series won’t look exactly like the covers, but if at least half those female characters show up, I really won’t mind. Voice actors include Mai from Kanon (squee!), MARGERY DAW (!!!), and Kaede from both Negimas (is she gonna be a busty ninja again?) and… this sort of worries me, a male who is also slated as the lead from School Days. From all the talk about School Days crappy main dude and crappy voice acting, I’m hoping this guy has nothing even resembling a cool role. I will be very sad if the case is otherwise. Also, one last point of interest, the animation production is being run by Beat Frog, and it will apparently be their first work. The question is, are they gonna storm out of the gate or trip in the first leg? Hrmm. P.s. yuribait? I certainly hope so.

Sky Girls: airs July 6

For those of you who have seen the OVA, you pretty much know what to expect. For those of you who haven’t… you pretty much know what to expect. Girls + Mechs + Saving the world + loli fanservice… rinse, repeat as needed, sprinkle sparingly with plot. Kidding aside, I actually sort of liked the Sky Girl’s OVA, in a lowered expectations kind of way. The mech designs were kind of neat, and the girls who pilot the mechs have little tails attached to their plug suits (pardon me) leotards. The cast from the OVA is sticking around, which means OMG Horie Yui (Ayu from Kanon), Itoh Shizuka (Alice from Pumpkin Scissors, or Rei from MariMite), and Kawasumi Ayako (Saber, and more recently, Nodame) all together? I just had a seiyuu-induced nosebleed, people. Also, MELL is doing the OP. Cross your fingers for engrish. Frankly though, for most of you, this might seem a bit dull, but I’ll probably indulge in it as my guilty pleasure of the season.


A short pause to rant about a few things June 26, 2007

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Because goddammit I’m getting so sick of seeing this crap all over the anime blogging community. Long ass post ahead!

== If I see one more person refer to an anime as being “moe” as if it was a goddamn genre, I will start stabbing people’s eyes out
in a bloody trail across the planet until I reach the origin of stupidity and then slice off their fingers and tongue so they can’t fucking communicate such retardation anymore. This trend seemed to pretty much begin with Lucky Star (which is my second rant, but I’ll get to that in a moment), and the internet penis battle over who watched less of the show before deciding it was absolute crap. “I turned it off after 6 minutes!” “…Well I turned it off after a two minutes!” “I got you all beat! I didn’t watch the show at all and I’m still going to rant about how crap it is!” Then came the page long rants about how ‘moe’ is ruining the industry, and ‘moe shows’ (whatever the fuck that means) are an abomination of the anime industry, and other such crap. Can I just have a moment to say how utterly retarded this is?